Covely’s Ride

A solo motorcycle adventure ride around the world, with some actual adventures thrown in for good measure?  Sounds like fun.  Come here to get  updates, current location, pics of the day (when I can upload), and videos taken from various locations on the road.

My trip is well under way, this change was edited in on June 28th from Kiev, Ukraine.  I’m posting a lot on instagram and you can follow those post (2-3 a day) at

I leave on May 9th.

First stop Las Vegas!  If I can get out of there still standing I’ll head to the Grand Canyon and parts beyond in route to Montreal.

From there I’ll fly the DRZ (aka ‘the bike’) and myself to Casablanca, then motorcycle to the straight of Gibraltar and cross over to Spain, then France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, east then south to Mongolia, across Mongolia then north back into Russia to Lake Baikal, then east to the road to Yakutsk and north on into Yakutsk, then onto the Road of Bones, to Magadan, then by freighter to Vladivostok, by ferry to Donghae South Korea, riding to Seoul then by plane to Anchorage and back down the west coast to San Diego…. assuming of course that all goes well!

I have no fear of failing because I’m just in it to have fun so as long as I can get east of San Bernardino, I’m happy!

Here is a map with place markers for key places I hope to go.